Tile & Grout

We clean and seal floors, showers, countertops and all ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Tile and Grout is somewhere in almost every home, be it the kitchen backsplash, a shower or your entire floor we have the solution for you.

With our precision steam cleaner and tile and grout chemicals we can lift stains in the grout and keep your surfaces looking new. In addition to cleaning tile & grout we also seal the grout to keep it looking fresh and prevent stains for years to come.

The Restoration Process

Chemical Soak

Apply acid or mild cleaners to the entire floor and grout. Solvent will be determined by crew on arrival based on the condition on the tile & grout.

Steam Cleaning

Using our state of the art steam cleaning machine, steam is injected deep into the grout joints removing embedded stains & dirt.

Seal Grout

Seal grout with a penetrating grout sealer which helps to
prevent future stains from forming.

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