Saltillos Tile

Resurface and reseal to keep your saltillos looking their best and to protect these easily erodible tiles.

One of the most widely used stones in Southern California is the Saltillo Tile, also known as Mexican Pavers or Terracotta.

These clay floors require a heavy duty cleaning to remove surface sealers that have been applied continually over the years, a stripping process is needed prior to cleaning & resurfacing. At the completion of the restoration, sealers are re-applied in accordance with the customer’s specifications for the desired finish and appearance.

The Restoration Process

Cleaning & Striping

Machine scrub paver surface removing existing sealers, dirt, stains & calcium deposits


Gently resurface the tops of the clay tile to remove imperfections.


Replace missing grout, fill holes & attach loose tiles if necessary.


Several coats of acrylic sealer are added for lasting protection and shine.

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