Concrete Cleaning & Restoration

Remove embedded mineral and oil stains, as well as restore the color and shine of concrete driveways & backyards.

We offer both cleaning & restoration services for concrete. Be it faded color, oil, calcium build up or other stains we have the ability to remove and restore the concrete.

These days many concrete floors are poured with color mixed in, but due to extreme weather conditions we find that the most common complaint is fading or color loss. There are two main causes of fading concrete color; first is the sun and the second is calcium deposits from standing water or sprinklers. We at Blue Steam Cleaning use many different types of cleaners and high pressure steam cleaning equipment to help in the removal of stains and calcium, but often this isn’t enough. We commonly see that the color has been completely erased as a result of the harsh conditions, but there is a solution to that! Blue Steam re-colors fading concrete by staining or dying concrete restoring it to its original appearance and condition.

The Restoration Process


Grinding with a specialty machine removes any coating that is on the concrete surface.

Acid Washing

Acid is applied to the concrete to remove stains and prep the concrete for any staining or coating that might be applied.


A water-like stain in the desired color. The stain soaks deep into the concrete for a lasting finish.


Sealer is added for protection. Sealer options are available based on the client’s desired finish.

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