Concrete Restoration.

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Concrete Restoration

Concrete is one of the most common surfaces in the world, but not many people know that it's possible to restore the look of old concrete flooring. Needing to remove oil, general staining or calcium is common for a homeowner to experience; be it a walkway, garage floor, driveway or pool decking. These days many concrete floors are poured with color mixed in, but due to extreme weather conditions we find that the most common complaint is fading or color loss. There are two main causes of fading concrete color; first is the sun and the second is calcium deposits from standing water or sprinklers. We at Blue Steam Cleaning use many different types of cleaners and high pressure steam cleaning equipment to help in the removal of stains and calcium, but often this isn't enough. We commonly see that the color has been completely erased as a result of the harsh conditions, but there is a solution to that! Blue Steam re-colors fading concrete by staining or dying concrete restoring it to its original appearance and condition. We are EXPERTS in the recoloring of old, faded, stamped or smooth concrete.


Concrete Staining

What Client's Say

Our company was in dire need of getting our cement floors cleaned after years of grease buildup, tire marks, and staining. We received multiple quotes from multiple companies. Blue steam's quote was slightly higher than most of the quotes received, but extremely fair price.

All of the companies I contacted who came in person for the quote looked at our floor and did not guarantee they could remove stains and refractory off out floor. Blue Steam came for a quote, and even cleaned small spots on the worst areas of the floor to give me a visual sample along with the quote.

Blue Steam Tile cleaning impressed me during a free quote and guaranteed me a great result, I did not get any "maybe" answers. When the service was performed the company owner and myself along with other staff were extremely impressed. I am not sure how they pulled it off, but they did an amazing job!!!

I would post before and after pictures, but photography is prohibited. I 100% recommend this company and we will be calling them back in a year or two when its time for another deep clean!

Thank you gentlemen!