Ceramic Tile Walls and Floors

Porcelain tiles are also classified as ceramic tiles. They are made by pressing dust from porcelain clays into a tile. This results in a dense textured tile which is impervious to liquid and has a fine grain with a smooth texture on the top surface of the tile. These tiles are frost resistant and uphold well in cold areas such as unheated porches and outdoors in milder climates than Illinois. Porcelain tiles are available in matte, unglazed, glazed or a high polished finish. Some basic characteristics of porcelain tiles are.

Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder than non-porcelain ceramic tiles, making thema choice for the heaviest residential and light commercial traffic areas. Glazed tiles are coated with a liquid glass which is then baked in a kiln into the top surface of the tile. The glazing process is what provides the wide variety of colors and designs of the tiles. Glazed tiles are stain proof so there is no need to apply a sealer to the tiles as is sometimes done with unglazed tiles.

Unglazed porcelain tiles are similar to the glazed tiles except the surfae is not coated.

Full body porcelain tiles mean that the color and the pattern are not just on the surface but are throughout the entire thickness of the tile. This means that this type of tile is impervious to wear and an excellent choice in high traffic areas in both residential to industrial applications.